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2-Year-Old Killed by NYC Subway Train

December 12, 2019

MANHATTAN, NY – A NYC subway train hit and killed a young boy, 2-years-old, in Manhattan Wednesday evening. According to authorities, the toddler was stuck between the platform and a number 2 train traveling northbound. The incident occurred at the Fulton Street subway .... Read More

Dog Stabbed in Outlandish Subway Fight

November 13, 2019

NEW YORK CITY, NY – A Manhattan subway fight involving a violent disagreement between two men resulted in a dog being stabbed in the leg. Furthermore, the subway fight began a little after 4 a.m. on the Read More

Woman Raped After Asking for Directions

October 9, 2019

NEW YORK CITY, NY – On Wednesday, police began searching for a man who allegedly raped a woman in NYC. According to the victim, the man assaulted her after she got lost and asked him for directions. Moreover, the victim has been identified as a 31-year-old woman from Y .... Read More

Elmo Gropes Teen in Times Square

September 9, 2019

MANHATTAN, NYC – A 14-year-old girl visiting Times Square Sunday evening accused a man dressed as Elmo of groping her. While posing for a picture with the Sesame Street character, is when he i .... Read More

Suspect Sprays Candlelight Vigil with Gunfire

August 5, 2019

NEW YORK CITY – Four people stood at a candlelight vigil mourning a loss when an unidentified gunman opened fire on the group. All four people suffered wounds. The incident occurred on a Brooklyn street in the early morning hours according to local police authorities. T .... Read More

Millions Support New York Pride Parade

July 1, 2019

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Millions of New Yorkers flooded the streets of the city on Sunday in what was being described as the single biggest Pride parade in the history of th .... Read More

Man Charged After Killing Burglars

May 29, 2019

Police have arrested a 64-year-old New York state man who shot and killed a pair of burglars who were going through his stuff on Tuesday. According to police, the man used an illegally owned in the shooting. New York State Police charged Ronald A. Stolarczyk with felony p .... Read More

21-year-old actress hit and killed by train

April 22, 2019

NEW YORK CITY, NY - An oncoming train hit a woman at a New York City subway stop early Saturday morning. Officials identified the victim as 21-year-old Helen McDonald-Phalon. Additionally, Helen was an aspiring actress. She moved to New York from South Carolina to pu .... Read More

The “Highs” and Lows of Marijuana Legalization in Tri-State Area

March 26, 2019

New York, NY – A big question lingering in the Tri-State area is the status of marijuana. Unexpectedly, in Trenton, New Jersey on Monday the planned vote to legalize marijuana was cancelled. Meanwhile, in Hartford, Connecticut a law committee gave it the go signal. However, in New York, legalizing marijuana is still in a .... Read More

$317M Public Library Project Approved!

March 6, 2019

NEW YORK, NY – The Landmarks Commission of New York has approved a $317 million-dollar plan! The most striking aspect of this plan is a new entrance to the Read More

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