Thousand-Lawyer Law Department Targeted by Cyberattack

June 11, 2021
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Oh, woe! The local law department has been hit by a cyberattack. This left the officials no choice but to disconnect the thousand-lawyer agency from the web. Mayor Bill de Blasio believes no data was actually in jeopardy from the hack.

De Blasio said the following: “To this hour we have not seen information compromised or a ransom demand.” Of course, the democrat said this via a virtual news conference. He even says the investigation’s “evolving.”

Local officials unplugged the law department’s computers. This, in turn, would save the firm from the city’s network on Sunday, post-discovery of the thousand-lawyer cyberattack.

“As the investigation remains ongoing, the City has taken additional steps to maintain security, including limiting access to the Law Department’s network at this time.” This is what Laura Feyer said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the city’s chief information security officer, Geoff Brown, thinks of this as “not a ransom situation” but isn’t quite that willing to discuss motivations. Brown said, “We do fully expect the law department IT environment will be securely reestablished promptly so the law department can get back to the business of serving New Yorkers.”

John Miller leads the intelligence and counterterrorism, said the good news was that the system for detecting hackers worked. Miller has reason to say “Once there was activity seen that was suspicious, that rang bells between cyber command and its contractors that patrol those systems looking for anomalies.”

Usually when cyberattacks happen, they get a hit on government agencies as well as private companies. It’s been threatening everyone everywhere. And truly it’s a little sad to see that even be the case.

“I think people should realize this is something that’s going to be with us for quite a while,” says Bill Deblasio. “And we’re going to have to do a lot to focus on it and constantly protect ourselves.” This is certainly a new development. You wouldn’t really expect this out of just anywhere, would you? That’d be pretty crazy. Like, imagine how much work has to go into that. It would be pretty insane, if you think about it. There’s no real way of telling. It’s all just vague smoke and mirrors. You have to be careful. Cyberattacks are huge these days. If you aren’t careful, then it can also hurt you in the long-run. Get a VPN.

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