All Adults can get COVID Booster Shots: ‘Reject Nobody'

November 15, 2021
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All adults in a city on the East Coast can receive a booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. This is happening as colder weather supposedly threatens to bring a wave of new infections. In fact, the de Blasio administration has cleared the way this Monday.

Adults that Want an Extra Booster

New York City Health Commissioner David Chokshi is saying he is issuing an official advisory that is instructing all health care providers in the five boroughs to offer the extra booster dose to any adult who wants one. This is regarding the city’s COVID-19 case count that is heading toward the upswing.

Prioritizing People who Benefit from the Booster

“In fact, there should be no barriers to accessing a booster shot. To provide that someone is an adult. It would mean if someone 18 or older,” Chokshi said. “Therefore, we do not want anyone turned away from a booster dose. In fact, we do want to prioritize it for those who we do know will most benefit from it.”

Echoing Chokshi’s sentiment is Mayor de Blasio, who supposedly received his own booster shot last month. In fact, he said the city’s expanded eligibility which is in compliance with the federal guidelines.

More Booster Shots, the Better!

“We should take on the widest interpretation possible from this, in fact, the more people who do get the booster shots, the better. It is really the most inclusive interpretation of who does qualify to ensure that people who want it get it and then, in fact, they are not turned away,” the mayor did say.

Moreover, you can make an appointment for those who do wish to get a booster. Thus, it can be made via the city’s vaccine portal or to call (212) 268-4319.

In the past, the recipients of the Modern and Pfizer Corona Virus vaccines could, in fact, only get the booster shots if they were older than 65. Plus suffering from underlying health conditions. It would put them at high risk. Thus to suffer from severe complications from COVID-19. If the Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipient is older than 18 they have been able to then get a booster since last month.

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