Amnesty International Wants Facial Recognition Ban

January 28, 2021
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Amnesty International is asking New York City and state officials to ban law enforcement from using facial recognition technology. Moreover, the advocacy organization says it threatens the civil rights of “marginalized” communities.

A Coalition of Civil Right Groups is Backing the Proposal

On Tuesday, the proposal got approval from the coalition. This included the New York Civil Liberties Union, the Legal Aid Society, and city Public Advocate Jumaane Williams. New York would join other jurisdictions around the country, if in fact, other local lawmakers passed legislation imposing the ban, according to its supporters.

Amnesty International says Facial Recognition is Turning our Identities Against Us

At the risk of being weaponized, facial recognition is using against marginalized communities around the world, Amnesty International researcher Matt Mahmoudi said in a statement. From the far reaches around the world to New York, this invasive technology is turning our identities against us. In fact, it undermines our human rights.

Amnesty International: Facial Recognition is Dangerous Step Toward a Surveillance State

Concerns have been raising across the country regarding technology. Some worry it could in fact be a dangerous step toward a surveillance state. That’s where people’s movements are tracking the moment they leave their place of residence. In fact, algorithms immediately detect human faces from surveillance cameras, social media, and other sources. This is an attempt to match them to mug shots in databases.

The New York Police Department accusing by activists of using technology to spy on Black Lives Matter protesters. This occurring during the huge demonstration in 2020 in the city over the police killing of George Floyd.

Police Department and Facial Recognition Search

In March, the nation’s largest police department made public a policy saying that it would not arrest anyone “solely based on a facial recognition search.” Therefore, it said the tool is only used to back up more traditional investigative techniques.

A message was left with the NYPD on Tuesday.

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