Andrew Cuomo and Bill De Blasio Feud Hurts The Big Apple Residents

March 8, 2021
You are currently viewing Andrew Cuomo and Bill De Blasio Feud Hurts The Big Apple Residents

Andrew Cuomo (a real piece of work!) and his infamous longtime rival Mayor Bill de Blasio have become more and more vocal about attacking the governor’s “bullying.” Guess who suffers? Those regular folk, in particular, The Big Apple residents.

Andrew Cuomo Does What he Wants!

“There have been many times, I can’t tell you how many. Where I have had the experience in the city of Albany. That of Governor Cuomo who thought he could take things from New York City because he could get away with it politically,” de Blasio said this past Friday on WNYC’s “Brian Lehrer Show.”

Cuomo and Bill de Blasio don’t get Along and are in the Crosshairs of the Very People They Serve.

Ongoing, there is no question that New York City is stuck in the middle of a feud between the mayor and governor. Whether or not de Blasio is right. That is obvious.

Andrew Cuomo and de Blasio Overstep Bounds in Their Official Roles

Both de Blasio and Cuomo have differing opinions but the stances are clear. They both believe the other is perpetually overstepping their bounds. In fact, over the years, there is a reoccurring pattern of de Blasio declaring a position. Then to only have Cuomo swat it down. Moreover, this has played out repeatedly time and time again.

deBlasio Thinks Cuomo is on Borrowed Time as Governor

Moreover, Cuomo’s office didn’t respond to a Patch request for comment on de Blasio’s statement the governor has hurt the city. de Blasio, for his part, told Lehrer that if Cuomo’s scandals (beyond appalling, disgraceful nursing home death coverup (COVID-19) and gross allegations of sexual harassment) continue he doesn’t see how Cuomo can “goes on.” Staffers are on bailing on him as well as citing an escalating toxic work environment prior to the scandals as well.

deBlasio Thinks New York City will do just Fine and Ably Get Past the Fallout of From a Cuomo Departure

deBlasio isn’t breaking out in sweat metaphorically about a possible Cuomo-sized “power” vacuum.

“Even if he does have to step aside, I’m quite sure we will move ahead together,” he said.

COVID-19 Drove the Heat up Between deBlasic and Cuomo

Petty squabbles between both politics with huge egos, for years, the feud was arguably brushed off. Yet, the Corona Virus pandemic has amped up the stakes which made it a probable life and death occurrence for New York City.

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