Aston Martin Makes Their Latest DBR1 Tribute With V12 Speedster

April 29, 2021
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Aston Martin is known for their luxurious road demons, known for being in Bond films and champagne commercials. But none other is quite like the original 1950s-era DBR1 racer. This vehicle in itself is far from just a relic. The thing about this car is that it was a champion of Le Mans. It deserves honor beyond what anybody else can recognize about the vehicle. The Aston Martin brand has done so with the V12 Speedster. This tribute almost looks like a Hot Wheels-mobile, life-sized. This car has not long to run, with only 88 units coming out in the following time period. But there’s lots to talk about here.

Such as it’s carbon-fiber body. This Speedster is not shabby at all! Maybe it lacks the original DBR1 finesse but for a vehicle sans the windshield, it gives off an incredible amount of firepower. This isn’t something that a rinky-dink Tonka truck could so easily replicate. In fact, there has to be quite a lot of gratitude given here for the vehicle at hand. It certainly gives off a style unlike any modern reinterpretation that you may have seen before. This is to say that the car doesn’t need airflow management technology like the McLaren Elva may give off. That in itself makes the vehicle unique.

There is a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V-12 that you best believe can propel you and the Aston Martin fast. Like 198 miles per hour. With a whopping 700 horsepower. If you think that in itself is impressive? You should look at the pricetag. At $950,000, you’d essentially have to be a millionaire to afford this car. The Aston Martin Speedster is undergoing limited production but, for certain, the luxury automaker will probably give you custom trim options as is deemed necessary. Check it out when you can. This vehicle sure is a blast for all who study it and the DBR1 which came before it.

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