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September 26, 2019
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After countless years on the road, many truckers feel the urge to transition from driver to CDL instructor. If this is the case, you may be wondering what all goes into becoming a CDL instructor. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of qualifications and requirements necessary to become an instructor.

Firstly, it should be noted that there are different types of trainers. For example, drivers may have the option to choose between becoming a CDL Instructor or TNT Trainer, or perhaps both. Whereas a CDL instructor assists new truck drivers with obtaining their CDLs, TNT trainers, in contrast, help truckers who have earned their CDL gain experience on the road before doing the long haul alone.

However, both CDL instructors and TNT trainers must meet certain qualifications beforehand. For instance; they each must have:

  • As a minimum, 9 months of professional driving experience (also, including winter driving)
  • At least 60 days as a lead driver
  • No DOT accidents in the last year
  • Good MVR, low CSA score, minimum log infringements
  • Minimum 7.5 mpg for last 8 weeks and net fuel cost under 15 cpm
  • Good on time service record
  • Must have taken certain courses for certification prior to attending a CDL Instructor Class.

What You Should Know Before Getting Started

Furthermore, before making the decision to become an instructor, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

  • Is safety your highest priority? It goes without saying the amount of safety training that truckers must go through. And, as an instructor, it is your duty to ensure that new drivers grasp all the concepts essential for safe driving.
  • Are you a people person? Moreover, as an instructor you’ll have to deal with truck drivers from all walks of life. This also means dealing with many different personalities as well. Additionally, keep in mind that some students will have years of experience, and others not so much. Therefore, you’ll need to be able to work with different behaviors and attitudes to be a successful instructor.
  • How patient are you? Lastly, mistakes happen! Especially when you’re learning something new. So, it is important to remember your own experience as a student and think about how you might want to be treated. It’s never okay to be rude concerning errors your students make.

Anyone CDL Instructors with advice to give? Share below.

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