Bill Prohibiting Fossil Fuel Combustion in New Buildings is Signed

December 23, 2021
You are currently viewing Bill Prohibiting Fossil Fuel Combustion in New Buildings is Signed
Bill prohibiting fossil fuel combustion in new buildings is signed.

A bill was just signed into a local law that would mandate the phasing out of combustion of fuel fuels in new buildings. It would accelerate the construction of all-electric buildings in an East Coast state and city.

Bill Sets Standard and Major Shift Using Energy

The first of its kind for a large cold-weather city is the law. This does represent a major shift in how the buildings use energy to provide heating and cooling. It would prioritize air quality, public health, and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

“It is possible to end the era of fossil fuels and New York City is really proof of that. Then to invest in a sustainable future and also to protect public plus create good-paying jobs in the process,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Taking this critical step is really important. If the largest city in America can do it to ban gas use, any city can do the same! We want to thank the City Council for really getting this done. This shows how you can fight against climate change on the local level thus guarantee a green city for the generations to come.”

Carbon Neutrality Goals

“Reaching carbon neutrality goals is a historic step plus reducing our reliance on fossil fuels,” said Ben Furnas, director of the Mayor’s Office of Climate and Sustainability. “It would be in addition to tackling the climate crisis. Also, all-electric buildings can help to protect the health of vulnerable New Yorkers. These include our children and the elderly. It would prove the quality of our air indoors.”

Restrictions on Fossil Fuel Usage

In newly constructed residential and commercial buildings, the new law sets restrictions on fossil fuel usage. It would occur by phasing in the strict emissions limits starting in 2023. It would bring immediate climate and health benefits to the New Yorkers at this launch.

Hundred Percent Clean Electricity

Therefore, as more buildings are covered by the law, and the grid does get cleaner in line with the City’s existing commitment to 100% clean electricity, the benefits will dramatically increase. However, by 2027, buildings of all sizes must be built electric. In fact, there is a new law that does provide limiting exemptions for specific uses. Moreover, these would include commercial kitchens and emergency or standby power. Also, it does require the Mayor’s Office of Climate and Sustainability to then conduct the studies on heat pump technology and electrical grid readiness.

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