BMW M3 Is A Beautiful Ride To Last A Lifetime

February 15, 2022
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BMW is often times a reliable carmaker certain of it's skill with an abundance of technology allowing for the M3 to be amazing!

When you observe the BMW M3 Competition, what do you see? It’s a vehicle with 503 horsepower, along with all-wheel-drive and 60 mile-per-hour acceleration beyond comprehension. As well as faster lap times. So to say the least, you just might be gazing upon excellence. After all, the M3 has a 473-horsepower with rear-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission.

So it seems to be the obvious choice for the next 40,000 miles. The vehicle comes with Metallic paint. The M Shadowline has black inlay with the front headlights as well as 18-inch wheels. To make matters better, the exterior comes with a presence that shows goodwill from all of mankind.

BMW Gives Us A Good View

BMW brings about excellence with the Silverstone and Black Leather as well as the Individual Aluminum trim. This all is to add a pleasing contrast. When opting for the Executive Package, you’ll soon see that there is a need to heat the steering wheel as well as the head-up display with the power trunk and optional gesture control. More on that in a second.

If you’re looking at the M Drive Professional option, you’re essentially peeping at a track mode setting. This is to offer a 10-stage traction control, which scores your drifts along with a lap-timer functionality. This works through an app on your phone. Likely, you’ll be paying close to $78,000.

The gesture control enables us to change the volume by spinning your finger in front of the touchscreen. It happens to be totally unnecessary so feel free to disable it.

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