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If you need to ship your vehicle from/to New York City, you will have to find a reliable transport company. When researching, look for brokers and carriers with a reliable reputation and long-term experience in the field.

New York City Car Transport is both a licensed carrier and a licensed, bonded and insured broker.

Comparing Carriers and Brokers

So what is the difference between a carrier and a broker?

A carrier operates trucks and often is an owner-operator who only schedules shipments through a broker and serves only a few routes. Carriers can range from owner-operators to large fleets. Carriers are usually able to operate under more exact time frames and are fully responsible for lost or damaged items.

A broker has a huge network of car carriers serving the whole country. In most cases, a broker can give you a lower rate since they have multiple carriers competing to transport your vehicle. Brokers also verify the USDOT number, federal licenses and cargo insurance of the carrier company transporting your vehicle. Brokers don’t actually have their own trucks and drivers. Instead, they assign carrier companies within their networks to service shipments at booked prices, while striving to meet the time frames requested.

A broker is an expert in the industry and will guarantee that your car is shipped by a legitimate carrier. It can be difficult to verify these things on your own.

It’s important to note that shipment time frames provided by brokers are estimates only. This means that although they will take the proper steps to ensure your shipment is picked up within the time-frame indicated on a bid, it’s possible they’ll need additional time to assign the shipment to a carrier. After booking a shipment with a broker, it’s important that both parties connect to confirm the details.

New York City Car Transport operates as both to provide the best rates and most reliable service to our customers. Call (929) 445-0222 today for a free quote!

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