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May 19, 2020
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Both city and state officials are working tirelessly to develop programs to give citizens careers. As states reopen, the most damaged, New York City, has to think about what happens after COVID-19 slows down.

Careers Take Shape In NYC

Schools have closed for the remainder of the year. While many have found their way into remote learning, others do not have the oppurtunity to develop an effective education. One of the largest problems that the city has dealt with was the trade-based workforce. With so many jobs either cut or closed, many are finding their way into careers that can continue their growth through the pandemic.

Trade-Based Careers Experience Upswing

With restaurants, shops, and bars closed off in the city, many are finding employment in the trade. Plumbing, HVAC, and automotive has seen a slight uptick in applicants either looking for work or starting an apprenticeship. While the rest of the city remains closed, these jobs have found increased demand.

NYC Plans To Employ

For those looking to earn income, the city has put together extensive public works programs. This is to ensure that while under lock-down, those who cannot afford to continue unemployed will find work. Some of these positions will help garner those in achieving a new skill.

Carpentry has become a large hiring factor. With many moving out of conventional jobs to more traditional ones. With construction becoming apparent for both hospitals and factories, carpentry has taken a huge load for new hiring and training.

Manufacturing Focus

Many manufacturing jobs have closed due to the virus. This has been the number one priority for NYC. Even having specific labeling designed to attract shopper, each item manufactured in NYC also come with the badge that tell the buyer where it was purchased.

The process for reopening will be a long and lengthy one – especially for New York City. At the end it is still a waiting game until the state can operate at full-capacity.

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