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March 25, 2020
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Obtaining a CDL license has become a focal point for many. While the nation is facing the COVID-19 emergency, many are laid off and are facing long lines at unemployment. Others, however, have taken a more proactive approach to find work. As of right now, the trucking industry is in high demand for skilled drivers. Prior to the current world event, the industry was in high demand and starting to offer larger benefits packages and higher pay. Now, the demand is bigger than ever.

Learning On Empty Roads

One of the largest issues that face truckers is road safety. When a driver gets behind the wheel of a big rig, they become fully aware of the dangers that can come if not attentive at all times.  Well, fortunately, there is no better time than now to learn how to drive a big rig or make your first couple of trips. Due to closures and self-quarantine, the amount of vehicles on the road is limited. So limited, that there have been reports of beneficial environmental impacts across the country due to low carbon emissions. Ever wonder what it’s like to be yourself on the open road? Well now is your chance to get some solid drive time in.

CDL Increasing Benefits Packages

One reason why many turned down truck driving was that the benefits packages did not meet the potential risk of driving a big rig. Accidents can happen. On the road, nothing is certain. Why would you want to take a position that could potentially harm you if you aren’t covered? Well, times have drastically changed. Benefits packages are larger than ever. Today’s world recognizes the importance of truck drivers and they are willing to meet the demands of those prospecting.

Increasing Pay For Class A CDL License Holders

This has been a big one. The typical career for truck driving wasn’t the highest paying gig in the land. Back in the heyday, trucking used to represent the importance of shipping goods and products. Over the years, unfortunately, the industry got a bad rap from society. Police weren’t keen and the job seemed to go by the wayside. Well, the industry has taken massive strides to change the appeal. Increasing the pay has raised the incentive to become a skilled CDL driver – someone who takes pride and does their part to ensure the safety of the roads.

Trucking Offers the Freedom Of Traveling

Not everyone wants to sit inside their house during this time. For those looking to move around, truck driving can be the best opportunity to beat cabin fever. One major benefit is that truck drivers spend a good portion of their day in self-isolation. Most cross country semi-trucks have cabs that will provide more than acclimatable means. The safety of today’s current emergency isn’t as much of a bother to truck drivers!

A CDL License = Being A Hero

Doing your part in this time of crisis is important. For many rural areas, they are simply not receiving the support they need fast enough. Prescriptions are being left unfilled, grocery store shelves are bare and empty and it is up to the trucking industry to make sure everyone is accommodated. Think you can do your part? Check out obtaining your CDL license!

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