Coronavirus Threat Under Close Watch

January 29, 2020
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As the threat of the coronavirus outbreak extends beyond the borders of China, New York officials act to protect the largest US city against it.

Governor Andrew Cuomo wants New Yorkers to appreciate the legitimate threat of the coronavirus. However, he expressed faith in the prompt response of health officials.

“My message to New Yorkers is: take this coronavirus seriously, take proper precautions, stay informed, but also feel confident that our Health Department and this administration are prepared and ready,” he said in a statement.

Authorities in the state investigated 10 specific cases, submitting tests for each. 7 already returned negative, while 3 remain ongoing. While they declined to release the locations of each case, New Yorkers can rest assured no reported positive cases have emerged.

Efforts presently focus on helping various institutions test returning members, such as colleges and international businesses. For example, the University of Rochester began monitoring students returning from Wuhan, the area first affected by the virus in China.

County officials in Broome reported negative tests of two individuals evacuated from local medical facilities.

Americans Abroad Evacuate to Avoid Coronavirus

US officials in China prepare for evacuation as the spread intensifies. Now, 106 individuals died as a result of the virus.

So far, only 5 cases exist within the US, and none of them became fatalities. Researchers seek to uncover the exact incubation period to understand the precise threat of spreading. Additionally, they don’t yet know the ease with which the coronavirus spreads.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued travel advisories as an early response. Then, on Monday, they expanded the advisory to encompass all of China due to the rapid spread.

They also plan to expand the number of airports testing for the virus to 20 from the present 5.

So far, the coronavirus remains at bay for the United States. Health officials continue to work to stem the potential spread.

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