Cost to Ship a Car


The total cost of the shipment is generated based on several factors. The size, make, model and the year of your vehicle, type of the trailer, the route, location, and seasonal fluctuations, and the condition of the car (running/non-running) play a role.

Shipping your car with a reliable auto transport company at an affordable price is easy with New York City Car Transport. 

We ensure that our prices are affordable and competitive in the market.

Based on the type of transport, the cost may differ. For example, the cost to ship a car enclosed tends to be a little higher than the price range for open transport. However, you might know, enclosed trailers can provide additional protection for your vehicle. The cost of the expedited car shipment may also be higher compared with the standard car shipping. Nevertheless, using this service, you will get your vehicle as promptly as possible.

New York City Car Transport will ship your vehicle at an affordable price!

New York City Car Transport offers you all kinds of auto shipping services at an affordable price. We provide you with Door-to-door as well as open and enclosed car shipping services. Our company ships vehicles across 50 states of the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. But, if your car transport is urgent, you can choose our expedited option. We also provide services for classic, exotic and vintage cars. Whether a student or a snowbird, we offer the auto transport service for your situation.

Our company can help you with military equipment transport and corporate relocation or deliver a car from an auction or dealership.

Besides, all the kinds of private vehicles, we can help you with corporate relocation. Moreover, we deliver a car from an auction or a dealership. We have transport services for snowbirds and can help them escape the winter with our special offers.

You can get a free quote online, which will be valid within 7 days of your receipt. You can also call our live agents to get a quote at (929) 445-0222.

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