Cyber Crime Better Watch Out: a Security Operation Center is in Town

February 23, 2022
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JSOC will Address Cyber Crime

Cyber crime threats and attacks have prompted New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York Governor Kathy Hochul to unveil the new Joint Security Operations Center (JSOC). It will bolster New York State’s ability to combat these serious and pressing issues. Mayors from other New York cities will be involved as well.

The Center for JSOC

Headquartered in a neighboring city in New York, the center is going to be a first-of-its-kind hub. It will be for coordinating cybersecurity efforts across the state. It will help to create and foster collaboration among city, state, and federal entities.

Also signing Executive Order 10, Mayor Adams, would set forward the roles and responsibilities of the New York Cyber Command (NYC3). It will be under the direction of the New York City Office of Technology and Innovation. It would be overseen by New York City Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Matt Fraser. In fact, the order would also require each city agency to designate a cyber command liaison. They will work with the Office of Cyber Command to thus share information. To also monitor threats, and then adopt best practices around cyber security.

Cyber Crime Can Bring Down an Entire City

“Also, the technology does run the city’s water plus control our electricity. Then it will notify us during an emergency. Also, the cyber attacks have the ability to bring our entire city to a halt. That is if we are not, in fact, prepared,” said Mayor Adams. “Our city is a significant target for those who do want to cause destruction. While, in fact, New York City Cyber Command is already a national model for bringing forward these threats, it is really time our cybersecurity does get moving on to the next level.

In fact, the new Joint Security Operations Center is going to take an integrated and holistic approach to harden our cyber defenses across the city and the state. The building on the robust cyberinfrastructure New York City has developed in recent years. We do want to thank Governor Hochul and our fellow mayors for recognizing the urgency of this challenge. Plus the importance of them working together to confront a common threat that does connect us all.”

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