Daymak Is The Fastest 3-Wheeling, 2-Seating, 1-Powering Electric Vehicle

March 24, 2021
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New-kid-on-the-block, Daymak, has been unveiling something pretty revolutionary. The Canucks thunk up something that may be in the usual for their wheelhouse. The Daymak Spiritus is truly the “world’s fastest three-wheel electric car.” There are multiple performance levels that the vehicle is available in. Such as the Spiritus Ultimate, which achieves the top speeds of 130 mph. Meanwhile, the Spiritus Deluxe gives off a muted top speed of 85 miles per hour. The Ultimate gives off a top speed of all-wheel-drive design, usually peaking at 147kilowatts. Not to mention, it is also sporting a huge 80 kilowatt battery that can go for 300 miles of range. This is comparable to 36 kilowatt batteries in the Deluxe model. This one actually offers 180 miles of range. The Deluxe model has some lower 75 kilowattage for a power rating, but no one really knows if it’s dependent on front or rear wheel drive. There’s something pretty clear about the vehicle so far. And that may be the inexpensive pricetag. $19,995 for the Deluxe. Which strangely, contrasts the Ultimate of Daymak. THAT ONE costs about $149,995 as is. The more affordable model gives off a zero to sixty time of 6.9 seconds. Ultimate is able to go that fast in about 1.8 seconds. Quite frankly, that’s even speedier than Tesla and their Roadster, pushing 60 in 1.9.

Daymak Spiritus Is A Cool Model!

The vehicle itself features about four airbags, with three-point seat belts, scissory doors and even a solar panel for trickle charges. Not to mention, there’s also an alarm system. The Ultimate gives off more carbon fiber bodywork. And who could forget about the autonomous driving? Such a hot topic! Truly the vehicle may be lacking suspension in the more affordable version. Yet, the car is still a concept. No one really seems to see any other developments than the bare bones prototype in the photo below.

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