Earthquake Rattles Residents Of Roosevelt Island

January 2, 2024
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With the New Year’s Eve celebration come and gone, you would think that 2024 is off to a sleepy start. But nothing could be further from the truth for the people. Of course, this comes from early reports from a Geological Survey that had reported the earthquake as being very near the Astoria, Queens area. In fact, the earthquake, today on January 2nd, rattled on a 1.7 magnitude earthquake. And you may think this is a pretty scary thing for New Yorkers, given a monsoon has a higher likelihood versus a big rip on the Richter Scale. It actually occurred very early in the morning at 5:45 am. All while the calls had started upon the Island of Roosevelt as well as within the surrounding areas, like Astoria and even the Upper East Side. Residents believe that they had been awoken by merely a loud noise, but it was really something more.

The loud aforementioned noise has been known to be the shaking of a building.

And as it turns out, it happened to all the four other buildings. As it turns out, it even got the attention of the Fire Department of New York! And sure enough, the streets had been opened but there they were, firefighters standing around to make sure everyone was safe. All the buildings that stood about South of the Bridge to and from Roosevelt Island as it undergoes power outages.

Luckily, there were no injuries that had seriously occurred, all while the first responders had checked in the structural integrity of buildings upon the island, while none had been truly damaged, long-term.

Earthquakes don’t happen often, but when they do, it’s news. Actually, May 2023 was the last time when an earthquake shakes about the areas of Westchester County and New Jersey.

Definitely, if you’re in an earthquake, make sure you stay away from windows, hide out under tables or chairs and maybe even just exit buildings and run out to the nearest park you can, to stay safe during what could be a minor, yet unpredictable, force of nature.

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