East Coast Restaurants Push Back Against the Vaccine Mandate

August 13, 2021
You are currently viewing East Coast Restaurants Push Back Against the Vaccine Mandate

In an East Coast state, starting next week, proof of the COVID-19 vaccination will be requiring for some indoor activities, including going to restaurants. This includes going out to eat, but not all restaurants are on board with this new requirement. These restaurants see this public health measure as a ploy to coerce the public into giving their rights away.

East Coast Restaurants Roll Out the Welcome Mat to All Customers

“In fact, whether you’re vaccinating or not, you are welcome,” said Mary Josephine Generoso, manager at Pasticceria Rocco’s in New York City. Moreover, there is a sign of protest in the window of the restaurant. The defiant sign stands up against Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate. It reads, “We do not discriminate against ANY customer based on sex, gender, race, creed, age, vaccinate or unvaccinated. Moreover, all the customers who wish to patronize are welcome in our establishment.”

Generoso also cited logistical concerns about asking every individual customer about their status. “ Moreover, I just do not feel that we’re gonna be able to sit there and ask customers to show if they’ve been vaccinating or not,” Generoso said.

Proof of Vaccination

The proof of vaccination, starting next week, will be requiring citywide for indoor activities. These include dining, gyms, and concerts. The enforcement will begin on September 13th after a grace period.

Burden on Store Owners and Gyms to Regulate

“Thus, I just don’t think that we’re gonna be the vaccination police. That’s up to the mayor’s office and his job. It’s up to the health department to figure out, but it certainly shouldn’t be the additional burden of store owners, bars and gyms to be regulating that,” Generoso said.

Obviously, vaccine mandates are very controversial in America right now, especially in larger cities. Places like NYC are under serious threat of COVID spreading more rapidly, but after a year of quarantining, people are understandably frustrated.

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