Electronic Bikes and Scooters are Coming to New York City!

November 29, 2018
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Delivery workers in New York City are pushing for the legalization of electric bikes and scooters to expand transportation options. A City Council legislation chose to address this issue and bring a new form of transportation into consideration for the citizens of New York.

Electronic Bikes for the People

These bikes are throttle powered and don’t require any labor from the rider. This would ensure an easier and faster commute when making deliveries. Since many deliverers already use e-bikes to save themselves from physical exhaustion, the legalization of these bikes would provide a safer delivery to the consumer. Although the legislation banned these bikes, pedal-assist bikes are legal and many delivery workers find this unfair.  Some people assume that pedal-assist bikes, bikes that provide a motor-powered boost when pedaled, are safer. Therefore, the pedal-assist bikes are legal, but is this fair? 
The legalization of more common e-bikes and scooters among delivery drivers would mean the lift of a 500 dollar fine.  Unfortunately, the charge has hindered delivery workers because many have continued to use the bikes despite the penalty. This has affected their ability to earn a living, for the drivers are expected to rid themselves of their current bikes and replace them. The employees argue that electronic bikes and scooters expand transportation efforts and make their job efficient and more profitable.
This legislation, if passed, would allow scooters and bikes, but with many restrictions. One of these restrictions includes a top speed of 20 MPH, but this speed must also be clearly labeled on the bike itself. Many oppose the restrictions and see no harm in these bikes.
Although there are boundaries to this new wave of transportation, this is a milestone to getting around the city. The innovation of these bikes and scooters could provide a fast-moving approach to the constant clutter of New York City.
Is this form of transportation a viable one? 
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