Enclosed Car Shipping

Looking for the absolute best way to ensure your vehicle stays safe even while being transported across the country? Look no further! Enclosed car shipping may be the option you’re looking for.

You will want to consider enclosed car shipping if you are looking for safe ways to transport an expensive, vintage, or custom-made car. So, what exactly does this method of shipping even entail? Simply put, it’s the best option for safety-conscious customers.

A vehicle transported via enclosed shipping will be free from any potential dangers and hazards out on the open road. Your vehicle will be placed inside an enclosed trailer. Therefore, it will be shielded from other vehicles, weather conditions, and any potential debris that may be on the road.

Enclosed car shipping is a more expensive option than our popular open car transport services, but it may be worth it if it’ll keep you free from stress. Here at New York City Car Transport, we do everything we can to take the hard work out of moving, so you can focus on getting to your new destination as easily as possible.

Enclosed car transport is a truly great choice for customers who may have these auto shipping needs:

  • Luxury cars
  • Vintage cars
  • Collectible vehicles
  • Exotic automobiles
  • Sports cars
  • Classic automobiles
  • Recently remodeled vehicles

When you choose our enclosed car transport services, you’re choosing peace of mind and satisfaction, all at a great rate.

Contact us at New York City Car Transport today to get started on the auto shipping process!

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