Firefighter Falls to Death Responding to Accident

January 7, 2019
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NEW YORK, NY – After responding to an accident in Brooklyn, a New York City firefighter fell from an overpass and later died from his injuries. The firefighter was identified as Steven H. Pollard. After he fell from the overpass – which was a drop of more than 50 feet – he was taken to Kings County Hospital. Later, he was pronounced dead there.

Just before 10 pm on Sunday, dispatchers called Ladder Company 170, in Brooklyn. They arrived at the scene of a car accident on the Belt Parkway. Apparently, while helping the victims of the crash, Pollard slipped through an opening and fell to the ground below.

On the Fire Department’s Facebook page, the Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro wrote a statement. In it, he said: “It’s an incredibly sad night for the Pollard family, for the Fire Department family, and for our city.”

Firefighter Is A Tragic Loss

According to the statement, Pollard is the 1,1151st firefighter in New York to die in the line of duty. In fact, firefighting has been in the Pollard family. For instance, his father, Ray Pollard, was part of Ladder 102 in Brooklyn. And, his brother, Ray Pollard Jr., is a member of Ladder Company 114.

The Police Commissioner, James O’Neill, tweeted about the incident on Monday. He stated that the department sends condolences to the Pollard family, as well as friends and colleagues. He wrote: “#NYC will never forget your service.”

After the incident, both O’Neill and Mayor Bill de Blasio went to the hospital. And, in regard to the accident and the tragic death, de Blasio stated: “This is a family who has done so much for New York City and now they’re going through this loss and this pain. It’s a very, very tough situation.”

While the death is a horrible situation and a devastating loss for the NYC fire department, Nigro stated: “[Pollard] lost his life tonight in the process of helping others.”

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