First U.S. Vaccine Mandate For Private Companies Approaches

December 6, 2021
You are currently viewing First U.S. Vaccine Mandate For Private Companies Approaches

First in the nation vaccine for private companies in an East Coast city and state, announced Mayor Bill de Blasio today. Bold steps are needed to be taken according to de Blasio. He said it is the combination of the omicron variant. Three weeks are being given to the businesses. That is to make absolutely sure their workers are vaccinated.

First in Nation – Preemptive Strike

“There is a preemptive strike in New York City. It is a bold step. The goal is to stop the continuing growth of COVID-19. Plus its dangers that are causing to all of us,” he did say in an interview with MSNBC.

On December 16h, de Blasio said the city is going to release detailed rules. It will be before the mandate does take effect on December 27th. In fact, he did say it will be to apply to in-person employees. However, he did not provide the details about enforcement. In fact, there will not be a weekly testing option. My body, my choice! Hello!

“This particular when joined with the efforts to build and foster vaccine confidence. Yes, vaccines work and vaccine mandates, do work. They, in fact, provide incentives and also improve access. Moreover, we do have in New York City,” said New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi. “In fact, we have seen this with our health care workers. Plus school staff and public employees. Moreover, it is now time for the private sector to really step and then follow.” Totally unnecessary!

Getting Control

“Getting control is in part to get the unvaccinated vaccinated is critical. Therefore, we did know it will not happen voluntarily,” Dr. Zeke Emanuel added. Shades of tyranny! “In fact, that is where the mandates come in. Therefore, we do know that no one likes to be required to do something. That is true! Thus, we like to be given our choice. Moreover, we are after all Americans. In fact, this is where freedom of choice is really essential. However, but when we have this mutual issue that we all have to get vaccinated to protect everyone, we do need to have mandates.”

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