Ford F-150 Lightning Is The Bestselling Electric Pickup In America

May 13, 2022
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When you see the Ford F-150 Lightning, you can tell that the car is an amazing electric vehicle to admire. It is a performance-type pickup truck with about 452 horsepower and a standard-range battery. Unless if you want an extended-range with the 580 horsepower to offer.

.It is maybe the strongest F-150 by at least two ponies. Of course, a vehicle with this amount of strength is likely the most heavy with a curb weight of about 6,400 pounds, however slow. This vehicle is likely going to hit about 60 miles per hour in only 4.5 seconds. Which could very easily push the Raptor away from being the most proficient F-150.

This Ford F-150 is like Lightning In A Bottle!

It’s a Lightning model for a reason.

Because the capacity it has as an electric vehicle will certainly make it a capable competitor against the Hummer EV and whatever Rivian has up their sleeve. The Lightning is really an amazing vehicle of so much strength.

Each Lightning has the strength of about two motors, one for each axle and a sizable battery between the frame rails of a modified F-150 chassis. It was likely the largest mod to allow the Lightning an independent rear suspension. The Lightning itself can allow for some heat exchange, certainly. As well as a flat and armored floorplan as well as different taillights.

The pickup truck comes with conventional coil springs and dampers like no other vehicle on the market. Granted, it has a low center of gravity as well but that doesn’t stop this pickup from gaining on the ante. It’s a vigorous vehicle indeed. It has a price-range that starts at about $41,769 with a 98.0-kilowatt-hours battery, capable of meeting an EPA range of 230 miles.

What else could this bad boy do?

It will be able to charge from zero to 100 in only an hour and forty. This is thanks to the size of the battery. Larger batteries equal higher charging rate. Additionally, the 400-volt battery is similar to another reimagined classic, the Mustang Mach-E. It will be able to keep up with about 100 kilowatts of charging power up to 80% state of charge. Definitely think about using this F-150 Lightning in city commutes.

Ford is coming out with the big statements and believes that with a standard-range engine of 452 hp and 775 lb-ft of torque, the F-150 Lightning can go from zero to 60 in only 5 seconds.

Not that anyone will want to leave the truck anytime fast, since the interior comes with a 15.5-inch infotainment screen. Fun for the whole family!

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