GWM R1: An Ode To Chinese Electric Vehicles... Especially This One.

November 18, 2020
You are currently viewing GWM R1: An Ode To Chinese Electric Vehicles… Especially This One.

This make and model so cute and novel can be packed with either a 33 kilowatt battery pack or a lower and even more adorable 28.5. Either way, this car’s been on our minds. It seems to have entered the year of 2020 with as much ambition as we had to begin with. We were hoping that in spite of Kobe Bryant dying, things would improve during such dire consequences. There’s nothing more dissappointing, therefore, than the sadness we may feel from not seeing the GWM R1 as much as we’d like to. Let’s take a quick peek at the specifications that make this electric vehicle pop-out from the rest.

The GWM R1 is short – but powerful! – For Great Wall Motors

Each of the aforementioned battery packs are enough to power an electric motor great enough to produce a high power output of 48 PS. The highest the torque can go, additionally, is currentlyt ranked at 125 NM. The GWM R1 is also more than capable to return more than 300 km driving on a single charge within the NEDC cycle. This electric hatchback is able to recharge to 80% in only 40 minutes. You know how many episodes of Friends you’d have to watch for that amount of time to pass by? Only two!

Great Wall Motors has mentioned plans in the past to establish the image with the Haval range next year before even thinking about fully making zero-emission vehicles available to the public. The Ora R1 model is likely going to be priced with a Goddess Edition composing features like six airbags and autonomous emergency braking. That’s probably the safest way to go about it. It’ll come with a nine-inch infotainment touchscreen, reverse camera and hill start assist technology (HSA). I don’t know about you guys but this tiny bundle of electric joy is exciting to me.

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