Huge Storm To Slam The Northeast

February 13, 2024
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The strongest snowstorm to ever approach the East coast is likely to totally terrorize the New York City area. All because it happens to be Wintertime. With that being the understanding, there’s a huge chance that the storm passing through will definitely cause ripples through the region. Furthermore, the flights in the area could very well cancel flights, while also resulting in dangerous driving practices. Around 30 million individuals had been placed underneath the winter storm warnings, while around 11 million had been placed underneath weather advisories from New England for the area of the southeastern Pennsylvania for late Tuesday.

How scary is the storm going to be? It will come forth with a foot of snow in Connecticut, while it’s merely 6 inches in NYC.

This could very well weigh out to be the heaviest snow since the year of 2022. Such a storm such as this was said to carry heavy snow to southeastern Massachusetts, all through six to about eight inches or more beyond the forecast for southern parts of New England.

Would Boston see 6 inches of snow? Probably not.

Connecticut definitely has the highest likelihood of seeing beyond a foot of snow.

It would appear that the forecast of the storm doesn’t seem to show the shifts are tracking the center of low pressure to the below of initial projections. Of course, the shifting in the jet stream that shows such intense storms, that track to mid-level energy which would create the strongest areas of snowfall.

The forecast adjustments for the Northwest of the storm reflects as it shifts towards the South. Additionally, the low pressure area goes along with the Mid0Atlantic coast as it intensifies through to Tuesday, which might make it categorized as a “bomb cyclone.” After all the strengthening that occurs in the area it’s a likelihood that the Mid-Atlantic is likely going to show bigger results and bigger blows. All as coastal flooding is ever so evident.

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