Hyundai Casper, For $12,000, Looks Great With Quality Interior

September 15, 2021
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The Hyundai Casper is making quite a name for itself by way of appearing as South Korea’s most adorable Kei car. It’s so far accumulating a lot of steam. The vehicle will be selling to the home market while also finding a spot in India as well. Additionally, it will be priced to be very affordable and cheap. To be specific, it’s likely to be cheap enough to go towards 13,850,000 . This, in itself, will translate to about $11,864. In which case, cars are still likely to be pretty inexpensive.

How cheap? Well, when Hyundai initially revealed the Casper, we didn’t have much of an idea. But pricing has emerged since, and this little guy figures to start at 13,850,000 won. That translates to all of $11,864. Quite honestly, I did not know cars could still be that inexpensive.

“Sure,” you’re probably thinking. “But what about a nice one? That’s how they get you!” It turns out, no it isn’t. At roughly $16,020 for the top-line Inspiration trim, a well-equipped Casper is still barely more expensive when converted to dollars than a Chevy Spark or Mitsubishi Mirage. The thing is, when I look at those cars, I feel acute apathy for everything in this world. When I look at the Casper, I feel joy.

I feel even more joy when I peek around the Casper’s interior. I struggled to understand why I dug the cabin so much, until my colleague Lawrence compared it to that of a ’90s concept car. At once, everything made sense. Thank you, Lawrence.

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