Ida: Trains are Coming Back After Flood Waters fill Subways and Buses

September 2, 2021
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Ida did wreak havoc on today’s commute in an East Coast city and state. In fact, the local and regional transit did come to a halt as the floodwaters did come pouring in.

Ida Floods Subways and Buses

A cascade of water did pour into the 28th Street station this past Wednesday evening. In fact, it was one of nearly 50 floodings during the storm. Moreover, it forces close to six evacuations of subways stuck between stations.

Buses and dozens were, in fact, blocked or stuck as the rain pounded on the region. Fighterfighters had to help the riders and the driver get to the higher ground on Staten Island in New York City.

Rain Forced Transit to Stop

The rain would force the transit system to come to a screeching halt while some people have managed to navigate the floodwater.

First Responders Were on the Scene

“In fact, what is a constant is our first responders. I definitely want to thank the men and women of the FDNY, the EMS, NYPD. As we as all the agencies that were out in force last night,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Transit crews did assess the damage. This occurred as the floodwater did recede early this Thursday morning. Moreover, the train service was stalling for hours. Thus making for extra different commutes.

Crowds Had to Adjust During Flood Conditions

Moreover, crowds had to gather at bus stops for the drivers who opened both doors to let everyone in.

On Thursday morning, hundreds of Amtrak passengers at Moynihan Train Hall were not so lucky.

Many waited hours in line to reschedule their trips. That is after they said Amtrak didn’t notify them of the train cancelations until after they arrived.

“I’m really upset. Moreover, they could send an email or text message. Also, even on the website, they say we don’t know if the trains are going to be canceling,” said Amtrak customer Kattia Ninahuanca. This has to be frustrating!

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