Kia Electric Vehicles' First BEV Model Drives Onto Times Square

May 19, 2021
You are currently viewing Kia Electric Vehicles’ First BEV Model Drives Onto Times Square

Suddenly, with fire in their hearts, Kia has been able to unveil its brand new electric vehicle, the EV6. It’s an electric vehicle crossover. But unlike others in the market, it’s the automakers first entry into a fully-dedicated battery-electric vehicle, otherwise known as a BEV. Besides other EVs which had also gas-guzzling variants, this EV6 operated as a battery-electric vehicle, independent of interpretation. It’s going to take Kia to a new level of professionalism they weren’t even aware of before.

Kia and Its Electric EV6

Being that their tech is based on the wheels, Kia is really taking a chance here. It’s a brand new beginning for the good people at Kia. Their Plan S strategy reads like something out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They plan to roll out 11 new electric models for half a decade. This particular model has been teased quite extensively even before. There was at one point a starting price of almost $50K. When it operates as a dedicated BEV, the EV6 happens to be built on a great chassis. In fact, this skateboard chassis that Kia calls the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). With this skateboard, Kia will possess core technology for the following generations.

Kia has an amazing looking electric vehicle and all the other companies should be jealous.

This happens to be a similar skateboard that Hyundai utilizes for their own model, the IONIQ 5. Additionally, it includes what Kia calls “the world’s first mass-produced integrated drive axle,” combining the wheel bearings and the propeller shaft. This combined effort, therefore, allows the vehicle to improve ride comfort and handling while also reducing weight. For the EV6, transmission choices start with at least a 160kW rear motor combined with a 58kWh battery. To upgrade to the huger kilowatt hours engine gives the system full power to draw from the engine, reaching a maximum output of at most 218 horsepower.

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