Mayor Eric Adams Sets An End To COVID Vaccine Mandate

February 7, 2023
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The Mayor is letting go of requiring vaccines to be taken for the general working population of New York.

Mayor Eric Adams is unveiling a double-edged sword. All in the form of an end to one mandate and the beginning of another. As it turns out, COVID-19 has long since the beginning of the pandemic rested under a certain type of control that is of no real concern as it has now become stabilized. And it’s because of this fact that the needs for vaccinations have since lessened. In all truth and reality, city workers themselves won’t really need it anymore.

But there’s a catch.

About 2,000 public employees had been fired for stopping themselves from acquiring the vaccinations themselves. Specifically, about 1,780 workers had been fired for not wanting to submit proof of vaccination can only reapply for positions with former agencies. Unions are certain to sue.

The Union Fire Officers Association themselves are livid. In a statement, the president, James McCarthy had stated how it had been a “punishment and they weren’t given due process.”

Mere hours followed once the mayor himself chose to lift the vaccine mandate, where unions had been totally gutted. We’re talking about workers known for their service in the police force, the fire department and other city employees. Once they were relieved of their duties, outrage set in. All because there’s a desire to take the city to court and receive the proper pay back for all of the time that was lost.

Mayor Adams himself announced that the vaccine mandate for non-public school, day care staff and early childhood would make acquiring COVID shots optional for current and prospective employees.

The time that would follow would state how beyond 96% of city workers and beyond 80% of New Yorkers received their COVID-19 series with additional tools available to maintain health properly.

Plenty of individuals have been affected by the mandate. As a result, the response to the city’s economy has been staggering. As there are varied results happening for private employers and even for professional athletes.

Public employees are unfairly ostracized, as they may have a difficult time achieving back pay. As it turns out, the mayor has been acting within the law.

The reality that lies in the current landscape lends it to us to believe that really what we think is necessary to protect our descendants from danger and all the connections that have to do with COVID-19. It’s important to protect you and your own family and friends with vaccinations but at this point the situation has been stabilized well enough before it can spread again in worse circumstances. The state of human positivity has never been more intact if we can safely say “it’s not mandatory to check if you have a vaccination card.”

However, what Mayor Adams is doing by laying off those refusing to give out their Vax Cards for proof? That can be easily read as unfair for the massive population. It all has to do with the body of people you govern over and yet Mayor Adams seems to take everyone for a fool.

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