New Vaccine App that Tells you when you’re Eligible

January 11, 2021
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Vaccine App is what the Public has been Waiting for with Glee!

A vaccine app is called “Am I Eligible” has been announced by New York. It will help New Yorkers determine their eligibility. The app connects users with administration centers for information as well as to schedule appointments. This is according to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Controlling and Trying to Defeat COVID-19

Cuomo says the strategy to deal with this pandemic is to control COVID-19 on the one hand and on the other defeat and destroy it! The vaccine is the cure and the weapon is to win the war! In fact, America getting ready to fight this epic battle to the finish! In fact, getting this vaccine out is going to be the single greatest operation government has ever had to accomplish. Of course, billions of people need vaccinations! Therefore, we are taking strong and decisive actions to ensure it is delivered quickly and fairly for all New Yorkers.

Getting Ready to Vaccinate the General Public!

All health care workers, who are the heroes who have taken care of all of us during this entire pandemic, are now eligible to receive their first dose. In fact, the next step is to ensure providers expedite vaccinations and resources are in place to vaccinate the general public. “Bad Actors” who are looking to game the system are going to be held accountable, Cuomo said. What does that mean? Antifa???

“Am I Eligible” App and Tool

You can visit the “Am I Eligible” tool once you’ve downloaded the app. From there, you can complete a quick set of questions to determine if you are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. The tool will offer a list of providers near you that you can contact to lock in an appointment if you are. From there, New Yorkers can return to the app at any time to recheck their eligibility.

To get more information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, you can check out a guide here.

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