Food Delivery Workers and Ride-Share Drivers Coalition Demands Rights

February 2, 2022

Food delivery workers in New York City are really fresh off winning rights to transparency in tipping. Plus the use of restaurant bathrooms. They have, in fact, joined with ride-share drivers Tuesday to go forward and press for more protections. These include better wages, health care, and the right to unionize. Read More

Mayor Eric Adams Considers Virtual Education for Students

January 14, 2022

Mayor Eric Adams is thinking of allowing the nation's largest school district to return to some form of virtual instruction. This is in an East Coast city and state do weather a wave of Corona Virus cases. This is a reversal from his pledge a week ago to keep children in schools. Read More

Bill Prohibiting Fossil Fuel Combustion in New Buildings is Signed

December 23, 2021

A bill was just signed into a local law that would mandate the phasing out of combustion of fuel fuels in new buildings. It would accelerate the construction of all-electric buildings in an East Coast state and city. Bill Sets Standard and Major Shift Using Ene .... Read More

First U.S. Vaccine Mandate For Private Companies Approaches

December 6, 2021

First in the nation vaccine for private companies in an East Coast city and state, announced Mayor Bill de Blasio today. Bold steps are needed to be taken according to de Blasio. He said it is the combination of the omicron variant. Three weeks are being given to the businesses. That is to make absolutely sure their workers .... Read More

All Adults can get COVID Booster Shots: ‘Reject Nobody’

November 15, 2021

All adults in a city on the East Coast can receive a booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. This is happening as colder weather supposedly threatens to bring a wave of new infections. In fact, the de Blasio administration has cleared the way this Monday. Adults .... Read More

Nine Therapists Steal Millions From Program for Children

October 27, 2021

Nine therapists are, in fact, accused of stealing more than $3 million from an East Coast state Early Intervention Program (EIP). These are actually meaning to help children with developmental delays, according to federal prosecutors. Nine Therapists do the Unc .... Read More

Health Workers May Win Religious Exemption Against Vaccine Mandate

October 8, 2021

Health care workers with religious objections now have some rights. In fact, there are temporarily allowed exemptions from a mandate on COVID-19 vaccinations for the workers. This is what a federal appeals court in the Northeastern U.S. has ruled. Unfortunately, amidst a dramatic backdrop of U.S. legal battles over vaccine .... Read More

In-Person Attendance at U.N. General Assembly Excited for Future

September 21, 2021

In-person attendance at the U.N. General Assembly is imminent. Yet there are tensions inside. There is a gridlock outside is the forecast for the UN General Assembly's return to deliberations. The Big Apple going to play .... Read More

Ida: Trains are Coming Back After Flood Waters fill Subways and Buses

September 2, 2021

Ida did wreak havoc on today's commute in an East Coast city and state. In fact, the local and regional transit did come to a halt as the floodwaters did come pouring in. Ida Floods Subways and Buses A cascade .... Read More

East Coast Restaurants Push Back Against the Vaccine Mandate

August 13, 2021

In an East Coast state, starting next week, proof of the COVID-19 vaccination will be requiring for some indoor activities, including going to restaurants. This includes going out to eat, but not all restaurants are on board with this new requirement. These restaurants see this public health measure as a ploy to coerce the .... Read More

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