In-Person Attendance at U.N. General Assembly Excited for the Future

September 21, 2021

In-person attendance at the U.N. General Assembly is imminent. Yet there are tensions inside. There is a gridlock outside is the forecast for the UN General Assembly's return to deliberations. The Big Apple going to play host to world leaders. This is in the wake of new r .... Read More

Ida: Trains are Coming Back After Flood Waters fill Subways and Buses

September 2, 2021

Ida did wreak havoc on today's commute in an East Coast city and state. In fact, the local and regional transit did come to a halt as the floodwaters did come pouring in. Ida Floods Subways and Buses A cascade .... Read More

East Coast State Restaurants are Pushing Back Against the Vaccine Mandate

August 13, 2021

In an East Coast state, starting next week, proof of the COVID-19 vaccination will be requiring for some indoor activities. This includes going out to eat, but fortunately, not all restaurants are on board with it. Maybe they see through the totalitarian measures to get the public to be obedient slaves to the New World Orde .... Read More

Mobileye is the First to Test Self-Driving Vehicles on the East Coast

July 27, 2021

Mobileye, an autonomous vehicle company owned by Intel, says that it has tested its driverless cars on East Coast state streets. The company has been doing this since June. Mobileye AV Testing Permit In fact, .... Read More

Gun Violence is now Declared a Disaster Emergency

July 8, 2021

Gun violence in an East Coast state is declaring a Disaster Emergency by Governor Andrew Cuomo with a first-in-the-the-nation Executive Order. This is the first step in a comprehensive plan that's goal is to tackle the surge in gun violence through the state. Gun Violence .... Read More

Thousand-Lawyer Law Department Targeted by Cyberattack

June 11, 2021

Oh, woe! The local law department has been hit by a cyberattack. This left the officials no choice but to disconnect the thousand-lawyer agency from the web. Mayor Bill de Blasio believes no data was actually in jeopardy from the hack. De Blasio said the following: “To .... Read More

Vax & Scratch $5 Million Lottery to Boost COVID Shots

May 20, 2021

Vax & Scratch pilot program is an attempt and incentive to get more people vaccinating against COVID-19. Besides Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, this pilot program could make the "little people" getting a COVID-19 vaccine very rich. Though not in the hundreds of millions of trillion dollars sense as the infamous alarmist .... Read More

Chipotle Faces Massive Lawsuit Over Employee Scheduling

April 30, 2021

Chipotle, the Mexican fast-casual food chain, is being sued by the City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection. The lawsuit is alleging that the Chipotle employees are owned more than $150 million in fair scheduling violation relief. This is according to the lawsuit. Read More

Public School Students Want In-Person Learning Totaling 51,000 Plus

April 13, 2021

Public school students ranging in additional 51,000 have made the choice to return to school in the former of some in-person learning. Mayor Bill de Blasio made this announcement on Monday. Public School Students Want to Learn in Person Read More

Tax Hikes Proposals Amounting to 7B Could Wreak Havoc on NY

March 25, 2021

Tax hikes amounting to a staggering $7 billion could trigger what is being called the worst exit since Big Apple skirted dangerously close to bankruptcy in the 1970s. It would rock New York's businesses and wealthy residents. A massive group of major employers and small owners warned this past Tuesday. Read More

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