Andrew Cuomo and Bill De Blasio Feud Hurts The Big Apple Residents

March 8, 2021

Andrew Cuomo (a real piece of work!) and his infamous longtime rival Mayor Bill de Blasio have become more and more vocal about attacking the governor's "bullying." Guess who suffers? Those regular folk, in particular, The Big Apple residents. Andrew Cuomo Does .... Read More

Governor Andrew Cuomo Has Regret For Nursing Home Death Data ‘Void’

February 16, 2021

Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday that mistakes took place in the state's disclosure of data. This is regarding COVID-19 pandemic deaths in New York state's nursing homes. However, he brushed off allegations of wrongdoing. Cuomo needs to admit he did wrong and come clean to his constitutes in New York. The entire U.S. is wa .... Read More

Amnesty International Wants Facial Recognition Ban

January 28, 2021

Amnesty International is asking New York City and state officials to ban law enforcement from using facial recognition technology. Moreover, the advocacy organization says it threatens the civil rights of “marginalized” communities. A Coalition of Civil Rig .... Read More

New Vaccine App that Tells you when you’re Eligible

January 11, 2021

Vaccine App is what the Public has been Waiting for with Glee! A vaccine app is called "Am I Eligible" has been announced by New York. It will help New Yorkers determine their eligibility. The app connects users with administration centers for information as wel .... Read More

Staten Island Bar Owner Refuses to Follow Orange Zone Rules

December 4, 2020

Staten Island Bar Owner/Manager Resists Mandate A Staten Island bar owner/manager was arrested on Tuesday, December 1st. He would not comply with the state's Corona Virus pandemic orange zone restrictions. Patrons protested on his behalf on Wednesday, December 2 .... Read More

The Richest People will Devastate a City if They Leave with $133 Billion

November 12, 2020

The Richest People are an Elite Group The richest people in the year lived in New York City. That was before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. They are considered an elite group of 30,000 families that earn at least $1 million a year. Read More

New York City Sues President Donald Trump Over ‘Anarchist’ Label

October 26, 2020

New York City officials say the city will join two other states in a legal challenge. This challenge is against the Trump administration's decision to label them as "anarchist jurisdictions." They are trying to stop the Trump administration from withholding federal funds. Read More

Mask Burning by Ultra-Orthodox Community Defies New COVID Rules

October 7, 2020

NEW YORK CITY, NY: During a gathering in New York City on late Tuesday, members of the ultra-Orthodox community protesting the new restrictions imposed on neighborhoods with alarming numbers of new COVID-19 cases with burning masks. Latest Rules Limit Capacity .... Read More

Bill de Blasio Being Beat To The Street For One Week Furlough

September 17, 2020

NEW YORK CITY, NY - Everyone in NYC's mayor Bill de Blasio's office is taking a week off, without pay. That includes the dude himself, Bill de Blasio. The whole team's taking a temporary lay-off to help combat the behemoth that is the Big Apple's multibillion-dollar budget crisis. Read More

NYC Restaurant Industry In “Panic Mode” For COVID

August 26, 2020

New York City, NY - The restaurant industry throughout the country is in panic mode as the virus continues to keep businesses closed. New York City has been one of the largest struck cities in the US. While many other states are not far behind, the economic downfall of fighting the virus is taking its toll. Read More

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