NHTSA proposes the number of young children in rear-facing car seats.

September 24, 2020
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The NHTSA is proposing a recommendation that all children 26.5 pounds or less to transport in rear-facing seats. Rather, than the existing recommendation for children that are 20 pounds or less. The U.S. auto safety regulators said it is much safer for them to be rear-facing than forward-facing in a crash. Because protecting young children is critical as they are very vulnerable. The department is working to save young lives.

First child-sized side-impact crash test dummy

NHTSA is introducing the first child-sized side-impact crash test dummy with federal regulations. The Q3 represents the average weight and height of a 3-year-old child. According to the NHTSA, the new dummy, “will provide more realistic data about the effect side-impact crashes on children.” As a result, their goal to create testing child seats in such crash tests.

Child Passenger Safety Week: Do it for the seats!

Keeping with the theme of safety for all children, NHTSA is promoting Children Passenger Safety Week concluding September 26th. It draws attention to children’s passenger safety making sure your child is in the correct car seat. In addition, ensure the proper use and install of the seat and the owner has it registered with its manufacturer. So, in turn, you receive important safety updates.

If car seats and boosters are put in correctly, the risk of fatal injury in a crash can be reduced. 71% percent for infants and by 54 % percent for toddlers. An estimated 325 lives saved in 2017 alone among children under 5. This is because the children were secure and buckled in their seat. But an additional 46 children would have been saved if every child was properly secure and buckled in their seat. A certified Child Passenger Safety Technician can double-check for the correct install and it’s been put in correctly. On National Seat Check on Saturday, a number of inspection stations are offering car seat checks virtually or in person.

Visit the NHTSA for more information.

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