Open Car Transport

Are you looking for the best methods of car shipping? You might be moving your car for personal or business reasons. The auto shipping process can be hectic and overwhelming. Fortunately, New York City Car Transport is here to help! 

Our affordable open car transport shipping option can help take the stress out of auto shipping. So, what exactly is open car transport? Essentially, your vehicle will be shipped to you on an open trailer. This auto transport process is very affordable. Therefore, it’s also the most common way to transport a vehicle.

It makes sense to opt for open car transportation for many reasons. Driving your own car across the country can cause wear and tear on the vehicle. Furthermore, you will rack up potentially hundreds of miles on your odometer. Simply put, open car transport is a worry-free and safe method of transporting your vehicles.

New York City Car Transport does offer enclosed car transportation services as well. Customers tend to choose this option if they want more security and protection for their vehicles. Still, open car transport remains the more economical choice. Customers on a budget will benefit greatly from our open car transport services.

Preparing your vehicle for Open Car Transport

You can take steps to ensure everything goes right during the open car transport shipping service! Here are a few easy but important ways you can prepare your car for the move:

  • Make sure to remove any and all items of value inside the car. Don’t forget to check the trunk and the glove compartment!
  • Leave the keys with a transport specialist so they can load and unload your vehicle.
  • Take pictures of your vehicle before the move so we can see the car’s current condition.

There are a few minor risks that come with using open car transport. These mostly involve the vehicles being exposed to weather and possible debris on the road. However, these risks are very minimal and shouldn’t stop you from choosing the best method for car shipping.

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