Pretty Cool Peterbilt! Why The 337 Dominates The Competition!

December 11, 2020
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Peterbilt is a reliable brand. Their trucks have been a stalemate of society for more than 70 years and have expanded ever so neatly throughout the entire United States. That said, it’s without question that one of their most revolutionary models is the Peterbilt 337. The 337 is one of a kind with all-wheel drive, a single-axle and customizable configurations to handle any job you find yourself hauling.

Let’s get more into why The 337 is spectacular!

No truck is really quite as revolutionary as the 337. This truck has availability of either Wabco OnGuardACTIVE™ or Bendix® Wingman® Advanced™ as state-of-the-art mitigation technologies. In other words, they make imminent collisions impossible delusions. The 337 comes equipped with real-time alert systems to inform you whenever the following distance your truck has becomes oh-so-much. The PACCAR PX-9 engine has some crazy high power-to-weight rations in class. Not to mention a clean operation and high-performance fuel economy.

Typically, the 337 can come road-ready with either the PACCAR PX-9 or the PACCAR PX-7. Either way, it has one of the most high ratios in its class when it’s a matter of power-to-weight.

There’s also a SmartNav, which allows navigation and communication technology to seem effortless yet separate from distractions. A seven-inch, full-color touch screen integrates with a crisp audio system and voice-activated phone system nicely.

The Peterbilt interiors have design custom to the driver’s needs, with fully-ergonomic controls and wide visibility to optimize handling and maneuverability.

You already know that Peterbilt is true to form when using only non-corrosive materials and lightweight mechanical parts. This is their way of saying, “we know the Earth and the Earth loves us.”

The cab is all-aluminum, the hood is made from durable metton and the grille is only the most stainless of steels. Combo that with a PACCAR PX-9 engine full of 380 horsepower, generating 1,250 lbs-feet of torque and you’re off for the races.

Peterbilt Motors Company | January 28th, 2019
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