Removing Trump From New York Condo Façade to Cost $23,000

October 18, 2018
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New York  – Another building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan have joined three other buildings in the neighborhood with the president’s five-letter name on the entrance. The 46-story building will remove the President’s name from its front façade. However, removing “Trump” won’t be cheap; it’ll cost many thousands of dollars.

The new condo owner of New York building voted to remove President Trump’s name from the building.

The name had become subject of disputes among the building’s residents during Trump’s campaign and a presidency. The owners in the 377-unit tower got concerned about the resale value of their condos and also raised the issue of security at the condo meetings.

The legal and other costs for removing Trump’s name made the owners do not push harder. According to judge, it was wrong in asserting a contract that obligated residents to keep the name.

Removing Trump from Building is Massively Popular

According to the magazine, nearly 70% of owners who voted said they wanted to change the name by October 10.

As far as the cost for removing the 20 letters from the building and clean up the façade, the board estimated about $23,000.

Besides New York condos, Trump’s name has also been removed from hotels in Toronto, Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood. The controversial president’s image has been in the limelight for better and for worse over the last few years. If nothing else, everyone can agree that Donald Trump is a controversial figure, and many in the business world prefer to avoid controversy. Therefore, it makes sense why these buildings would prefer not to be associated with him.

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