NYC Restaurant Industry In "Panic Mode" For COVID

August 26, 2020
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New York City, NY – The restaurant industry throughout the country is in panic mode as the virus continues to keep businesses closed. New York City has been one of the largest struck cities in the US. While many other states are not far behind, the economic downfall of fighting the virus is taking its toll.

The industry and landscape of the restaurant business are rapidly shifting. For many first-time business owners, having their business up before the new year is important. This means they are taking the time to make everything right. When the pandemic hit, many of these owners (who have put their life savings into starting up, had to close. The doors have been closed for a long time now, and many are wondering if they will go bankrupt.

The Restaurant Industry Is In A Major Deficit

Delores Trono-DePierro is one such person. After selling her business in Colorado, her intentions were to step up her game and progress her future. After having everything set up in December of 2019, COVID-19 permanently closed her doors.

“When I was 29, I had the restaurant for just over 3 years in Denver before I sold it, and I sold it because I wanted the challenge of being in the city and doing what I do in the hardest place in the world,” said Trono-DePierro.

While many continue to keep hope for a speedy recovery, many are without jobs or are closing for good. With no return on the investment of starting a business. A foreclosure could put many in a worse spot.

As the current pandemic is putting pressure on the US economy, many of the 80% small businesses that act as the backbone are struggling to find a light at the end of the tunnel. For many, they are unable to continue their efforts in pursuing life liberty and happiness.

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