Spring Driving Tips for the Big Apple

March 11, 2024
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Spring allergies make driving more difficult.

Spring is right around the corner so there is no better time than now to get your driving adjusted and ready for the new season. Here we have some tips and tricks for you to help you properly prepare in the ways you need to so that you are fully ready to hit the road!

To start, look out for potholes!

Potholes are always the most prominent and noticeable starting in spring. They are often formed over time in winter due to the temperature changes, the back and forth with wet/frozen/thawed roads, and salt on the road creating tension. Make sure you do not cause any major damage to your car because of a missed pothole. Anytime you are on the road, simply keep an eye out for any issues in the asphalt and drive cautiously around them.

Secondly, be prepared for increased activity on and around the streets.

Already being a driver in New York City means being hyper aware of constant movement on and around the streets, but you must especially be so in spring. Spring brings in a fresh bout of relocators and tourists who walk around the city basking in the nice weather. There is also often more road work and construction which can interrupt and block sections of the street. Either way, you want to be aware of your surroundings so that you can catch when someone accidentally walks in the road or construction vehicles move into the way.

Next, prepare for allergy season!

Most people have their worst bouts of allergies in the spring. As pollen floats through the air, people start to get runny noses, deal with congestion, sneeze more often, and so much more. With all of these, your driving can be affected. It can cause distractions or require to you take a hand off the wheel. We suggest you replace your car’s air filters and take allergy medication if needed. If you resort to medication, be sure to read the safety instructions on the label. If the medication you take causes drowsiness, avoid taking it before you need to drive anywhere. Continue to avoid the road as long as you are experiencing the drowsiness.  

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