Stingray 2023 Model Will Rise Up To $61,900 For Chevy Corvette

March 24, 2022
You are currently viewing Stingray 2023 Model Will Rise Up To $61,900 For Chevy Corvette

General Motors is going to open up orders soon for the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray model. The vehicle starts up at $61,900 and will be amazing enough to be worth the price tag. As the Corvette spokesman, Trevor Thompkins, says “We often use the start of a new model year to make sure vehicles are priced appropriately.”

So what’s the reason for the rising price of the Stingray?

It includes a five-spoke wheel, or even a 20-spoke wheel design, with finishes of Gloss Black that costs extra $995. The Ultra Bright Machine Red, which happens to be a bright aluminum at $1,995, while also offering Satin Black with Red Stripe for $1,495.

General Motors offers a “Tech Bronze,” a Chevrolet accessory wheel design set.

This 2023 Stingray offers black exhaust tips instead of stainless steel for an extra $200. Additionally, there’s an interior option called “Adrenaline Red Dipped.” You guessed it. It’s all red inside, which is available on the 3LT Stingray. That is the highest trim level on this Corvette.

On the 3LT, there’s the 70th Anniversary Edition of this Corvette, offering the car in two different colors. One of them being Pearl White Metallic and Carbon Flash Metallic. Along with the special interior, there was also special 20-spoke wheels, with unique amenities and badging for $5,995 extra dollars. But wait, there’s more money to spend! For if you pay $995, the customer is able to add 70th Anniversary Edition Stripes as well. The 2022 Stingray much like the 2023 model has a LT2 6.2-liter V-8 direct injection fuel system with Active Fuel Management range, there it is all rated at 490 horsepower or 495 horsepower with the performance exhaust system already intact.

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