Suspect Sprays Candlelight Vigil with Gunfire

August 5, 2019
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NEW YORK CITY – Four people stood at a candlelight vigil mourning a loss when an unidentified gunman opened fire on the group. All four people suffered wounds. The incident occurred on a Brooklyn street in the early morning hours according to local police authorities.

The gunfire erupted at a little before 2 in the morning as the two men and the two women were engaged in the vigil they held for a person they all knew from the Crown Heights area. The Brooklyn police learned this information from the victims.

The authorities say each person at the vigil suffered a bullet wound. A 33-year-old man was struck in the chest while a 24-year-old man took a bullet in the leg. Meanwhile, of the two women in their 40s’, one got shot in the leg, and the other was hit in the back.

The four victims were immediately transported to a local hospital. Moreover, police say two of the four are being treated for what is described as ‘serious injuries.’

The NYPD maintains that one of the people holding the vigil was the actual target of the attack. Still, the investigation remains open and is ongoing.

Sources within the New York Police Department suggest that the shooting is in some way gang-related. They did, however, mention that the vigil was conducted for  person who passed away from natural causes, not violence.

As of now the police have not zeroed in on a suspect.

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