The "Highs" and Lows of Marijuana Legalization in Tri-State Area

March 26, 2019
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New York, NY – A big question lingering in the Tri-State area is the status of marijuana. Unexpectedly, in Trenton, New Jersey on Monday the planned vote to legalize marijuana was cancelled. Meanwhile, in Hartford, Connecticut a law committee gave it the go signal. However, in New York, legalizing marijuana is still in a complicated state of flux.

During a radio show before New Jersey lawmakers decided to suddenly cancel the marijuana vote, New York Governor Cuomo said he’s busy trying to get marijuana done in his state. Ultimately, the hope is that by the end of the June session marijuana will be legalized.

As for the sudden change of heart in New Jersey a New York spokesperson said, “What goes on in New Jersey is their business, not ours.”

Former White House drug policy adviser, Kevin Sabet, who was staunchly opposed to the New Jersey bill, urged Cuomo to regard the New Jersey about-face as a “teachable moment.”

“Today’s essential no and pulling of the bill in New Jersey, in a deep blue state, like New Jersey, sends a very strong message to Governor Cuomo that this is not a done deal,” Sabet said. Sabet went on to say that there are lots of issues such as the constant smell of marijuana and more stoned drivers.

Connecticut and New York

Over in Connecticut, news on the marijuana front was much more positive. It scored an early victory when the General Law Committee of the House approved a plan, by a small margin, to construct a framework for the sale of cannabis products.

In New York, opinions widely vary on legalization. Some are enthusiastically for it while other are vehement that it’s a bad idea. Opinions run the gamut from it’s a positive thing to we need to know more about the long term effects of the drug.

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