Toyota GR 86 Coupe Is Given A Paint Job By Rocket Bunny Racing

October 4, 2021
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When you look at the Toyota GR 86, you’re seeing a sporty and quick vehicle. They have had a great reputation. And now Kei Miura, artist extraordinaire, sketched out some designs with Rocket Bunny influence. Actually, as it turns out, there are several versions of the signature body additives for prior FR-S/86 models. This, of course, being a point of great pride for the aero artist, who would not have attacked the chassis after the debut. The GR 86 gave away a sculpted look from the fender-to-flank body lines.

Furthermore, Kei Miura made it a goal of his to be pushing towards a more square feel. The front bumper happens to be a departure from the factory edition. With a lower and massively more wider grill in order to welcome in an intercooler. On top of that, there is a square port that can be carved into the upper portion with the intention of delivering air to the bay more straightforward outlet. The front fenders of the Toyota are seen as pushing further away from the door lines only by a few inches.

Toyota Is Built To Be Rebuilt and Beloved.

Not dissimilar to the GR Yaris Rocket Bunny, the fenders on the Toyota are intent on forming arches while showcasing exposed hardware on the fenders. The fron replacement would definitely however negate it The bolts are not hard to find as they attach the quarter panel over-fender. Additionally, the rear fender sports the black trim. It’s such a weird vehicle to not love. Of course, there aren’t likely to be too many more versions of the aero kit set. They will make an appearance at SEMA this upcoming year. Being that Cusco has made an announcement. This all is evident through plenty of SEMA shows within the past couple of years. Kei Miura has been successful in changing the look of the vehicle.

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