Truck Drivers Demand More Parking

July 19, 2019
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There’s a huge parking dilemma for truck drivers. The lack of parking drivers are faced with is becoming more problematic each day. Truckers who cannot find a decent spot to park in at night are forced to park anywhere they can. And these places are not always safe.

Truck drivers demand more parking! Many feel the issue has been overlooked and that it should be a matter of national concern at this point. However, the problem continues to get worse.

Truckers face enough obstacles on the road, parking should not be one of them. Besides, in most states taxpayers have paid their dues to create safe parking for truck drivers. However, nothing has been done.     

While truckers continue to do their part, shouldn’t the government do theirs? The lack of parking for trucks forces drivers into uncomfortable situations. These places are usually risky, where robberies can happen, or sometimes even worse.

Moreover, truckers waste a good amount of time searching for parking after a long day, putting the already sleepy driver in more danger.

One way to help with parking is to utilize the on and off ramps. If the shoulders are built out to support the weight of the truck, then drivers can use the space for parking. Additionally, setting up lights and trash cans is a good idea too. Also, don’t forget the port-a-potties!

Furthermore, to eliminate neighbor complaints about rest areas being too close to their homes, give private commercial companies a chance to develop truck stops where appropriate.

Still, lawmakers need to establish a bill that will protect truck drivers in all areas, and that includes parking!

We know you are all sick of those truck parking surveys. So, what more can we do to get the job done? Leave your comment below.

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