Vax & Scratch $5 Million Lottery to Boost COVID Shots

May 20, 2021
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Vax & Scratch pilot program is an attempt and incentive to get more people vaccinating against COVID-19. Besides Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, this pilot program could make the “little people” getting a COVID-19 vaccine very rich. Though not in the hundreds of millions of trillion dollars sense as the infamous alarmist proponents of COVID-19. Their alleged investments in the pandemic itself and the vaccines will garner staggering amounts of money. The much beleaguered and maligned Governor Andrew Cuomo wrote a book about the pandemic and even won an EMMY for it and who can forget the nursing home scandal that lays bare his involvement in getting the elderly sick throwing in COVID-19 patients.

Vax & Scratch Pilot Program

Today, the governor announced the Vax & Scratch pilot program in New York City. It would allow those who get vaccinating to get a $20 lottery ticket for the $5 million Mega Multipier Lottery.

Winning is a One in Nine Shot

Not so fast people! Don’t count your millions yet! The “Vax & Scratch” pilot has a first price of $5 million, but a number of prices that go down to $20.

Even Cuomo admits: “The chances of winning something in this program is one in nine,” he adds that when one gets the vaccine “everyone wins” alluding to the importance of mass inoculation. Oh, the ultimate winning is not money so much but mass inoculation which is the aim of the Great Reset! How convenient!

On Monday, May 24th the pilot will get off and run through Friday, May 28. You will receive a ticket if you get a COVID vaccine in one of the 10 mass state-run vaccination sites.

Pop-Up Vaccination Sites

The lottery pilot is part of the state’s effort to get more New Yorkers vaccinating. In fact, Cuomo has announced that as the summer starts to approach and more people travel and take to the skies, they will need pop-up vaccination sites at seven airports across New York for all U.S. residents arriving or departments, as well as airport workers.


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